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Baplie Format questino

My company is receiving Baplie files from ZIM LInes and there are a lot of formatting changes we have to make before our file will process successfully. Below are some of the things we change in every file. Are they using some different accepted standard or are these actually errors in their file.

In the examples below, the first line is what we receive, and the 2nd line is what we change it to

TDT Segment
TDT+20+295E+++ZIMU:172+++V2CD8:103:ZZZ:CFS PAMPLONA:JAM'

DGS Segment contains Roman Numerals:

DGS Segment malformed negative numbers
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Re: Baplie Format questino

Hello Bryan;

Thank you very much for joining the forum !

I have checked the samples you have sent me and here are my findings:

1. ZIMU:172:PRZ'
The code 'PRZ' (i.e. Code list responsible agency, d.e. 3055) defines the agency in charge for the code 'ZIMU'. As far as I know 'ZIMU' is ZIM's SCAC code so 'PRZ' should be changed with '182'(i.e. 182=US, Standard Carrier Alpha Code - Motor) or any other known standard code. Apparently 'PRZ' in a not known code.

The piece of data 'JAMAICA' (i.e. Nationality of the means of transport, d.e. 8453) is too long; maximum length allowed is 3 chars.

3. DGS+IMD+8+1789++II'
The piece of data 'II' (ie. Packing group, d.e. 8339) is an unknown code; allowed codes:
1 -> Great Danger;
2 -> Medium danger;
3 -> Minor Danger.

4. DGS+IMD+3+1169+-327,7:CEL+2+F-E’
The piece of data '-327,7' (i.e. Shipment flash point, d.e. 7106) is too long: maximum length allowed is 3 chars.

In my opinion issue #1 might be handled at your end by setting a conversion process, in your EDI translator, for c040.3055.

About issues #2, #3, #4 they are just wrong "syntax errors" which would prevent any proper translation process in almost any EDI software; I guess you have to contact ZIM's EDI specialist and try to find a possible agreement.

Good luck,
My EDI Notes admin